Life is not always a smooth ride.” Thomas Kash

Redline revs, burning rubber, and breakneck speed collide in this epic action adventure book series. A story powered by the human spirit and its ability to triumph over any adversity—even when the odds seem impossible to overcome.

Thomas Kash, a former racing champ and ex-con, has one last shot at his piece of the American Dream. Years past his prime, Kash partners with his former cellmate, Donnie Kars, and a ragtag team of misfits—all former jailbirds turned auto restoration specialists—to auction off as many high-end classic cars as possible to save his company from Dugan, a ruthless loan shark, and Chevelle, a vicious hitman.

Amid the ensuing chaos, Kash reflects on the touchstones of his bittersweet life: his racing mentor “Billy the Kid,” his childhood sweetheart Nikki, and an ace mechanic named “Smokie.” All of whom are impossible to outrun.

Fast forward to the present where Kash needs to make one final payment to regain control of his company and break free of Dugan. But, to succeed, he’ll need to pull off the biggest win of his life by selling some of the most revered and iconic automobiles ever to cross the auction block. As he hustles to fill the venue with some of the coolest classics on the planet, Kash finds himself on a collision course with dark secrets from the past.

Will Kash clear his debt and rid himself of Dugan for good? And, will Kash ever reclaim some of his former glory, or will he go down in flames before reaching the finish line?